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E Uparjan 2021

E Uparjan Online Apply   E Uparjan   was launched for the farmers of   Jharkhand   state.   In which the work of buying paddy from different areas of the state by the government at a good price is done.   If you are a farmer and want to sell paddy at a good price.   Then selling paddy in MSP center is a good option.   So, in this post, information about the planning and working of E-procurement Jharkhand has been given. Every year the product paddy is bought by the farmer by the Jharkhand government.   In which the government buys at a price higher than the market rate.   In this article, some important tasks like how to register a farmer, how to find Farmer ID, check farmer's name list and other related information have been shared. What is E Uparjan E Uparjan portal has been released   by the government for the farmers   .   In which we can sell paddy to the farmers of Jharkhand at a reasonable price.   In which the purchase of paddy from different areas of Jharkhand is complete